Banner Labs, Inc. is a Houston based company, founded in 1979, proudly celebrating its 36th anniversary this year.

Banner Labs, Inc. manufactures over 150 cleaning, maintenance & specialty chemicals, such as cleaners, degreasers, floor care products, solvents, protective coatings, lubricants, etc. We are strongly committed to preserve the environment, developing and promoting environmentally friendly products (biodegradable chemicals, natural non-v.o.c. solvents, enzymes and natural microbiological products, bioremediating, etc.).

Our product lines include liquids, and aerosols.In addition, we distribute a comprehensive line of specialty items, including quality mats, safety items, janitorial supplies, wipes, adhesives and sealant.

1774 Moli-G-Lube (molybdenum dry lubricant spray) and 1737 Quick-Solv II (safety solvent cleaner) continue to lead the oilfield thread coating industry for durability and service.

 Our R&D Department constantly improves existing products and develops new products and value based solutions for our customers.

At Banner Labs, Inc., we are committed to provide our customers with quality products and outstanding service. Our strict Quality Control procedures guarantee the consistent high quality,which has benefited our customers for the last 34 years.

We distribute directly in the Houston area, and ship nation wide and throughout the world.